Photo Editing


So this week I have been looking at photo editing. I was particularly interested in picnik. I thought that it allowed you to do a lot of different things to the photos.

You can fix your photos very easily, resize them, change the tones of the photos, change the shapes, and more. I think that the best part of the site was the fact that it is very easy to and there are no down loads required.

It would be great to use in the classrooms for kids because it is really easy to use and understand. The kids could work with photos that have been taken and learn how to edit them.



Sorry if I have not posted recently I have had internet problems. I really like the idea of ipads in the classroom. On rounds this week I have seen ipads in action and I would definately advise them. There are many good program, for instance in spelling. Filling in missing works and working on words in context. The children can use their ipads in fun ways to learn their spelling words also. They and fun and from my experience students really enjoy using them.


I am yet to post about diigo. I thought I would try it out a bit before judging it. I think that it is very useful. It is a social book marking tool that allows people to highlight certain parts of websites. People can then put a sticky note on them. It makes finding resources easier and allows for easy access of those resources. I like how there is the option to keep things private or to share information. For school based purposes sharing information is a very useful tool of diigo and would allow the teacher to hint children onto good resources. It would save the teacher printing out a lot of documents all the time because instead the teacher could share them through diigo to all the students. It would stop the students from always loosing important documents because they can access them as many times as they like on diigo and can’t loose them. I think that the positives of diigo out way the negatives.

I would definately recommend using diigo because there are many benefits that can be gained from using it and it makes research and organisation of resources that much easier. It may take a little getting used too, like anything knew, but it would be worth the effort of exploring it.


After a few weeks with edublogs now I still think that they are more suitable for high school students or for upper primary school students in preparation for high school. I think that they are useful for teaching being able to have discussions with students, link resources and see how the students are progressing. With technology being an important part of modern society it is very important to get children at school involved in using it so blogging would be a good approach. With looking at the audios this week I downloaded audacity. This is another extra onto the blogs that extends the technology for the being.  Some students learn better through the help of audio so it would be a very good tool to add onto the blogs to therefore accommodate for the wider learning of students.

Cyber bullying

In thinking about when I become a teacher and what technology I would prefer in my classroom it leads me to thinking about some of the negatives. Although things such as Edmodo and blogging could be useful communication tools, it leads me to thinking about whether it would be worth using one of these sites at the risk of further cyber bullying. Bullying is a big issue in schools and I know that it is something that I worry about when thinking about teaching in the future. Teacher are meant to minimise bullying as much as possible. Though sites such as Edmodo wouldn’t allow for as much bullying as  facebook it still could create bullying issues. Would using a site such Edmodo risk further bullying. Would it be worth trying to implement a site in the classroom that could lead to bullying. I think this is something that every teacher must ask themselve before allowing their students to one of these kinds of sites.

Blogging and RSS

I have been thinking a lot about the blogs in relation to primary schools and I think that the only way that the blogs could be used in primary school is through the use of the teachers. It would be good for the teacher to use the blogs in order for easy communication. The Google reader would be help them in keeping up with news feed. I found that the reader were very easy to subscribe to and would make communication a lot faster because after signing in you instantly know if anything new has been said. It would be good when teachers are arranging events or having meeting for easy communication. The principal could just blog to the teacher quick and fast information.

It would be far too difficult for primary students. Yes it would allow the students to communicate more easily but I think that it would take the students too long to learn how to use the site. As I have previously mentioned it would be ideal for high school students. It would also be very important for high school students to create the reader along with the blog to save time. So If I was a high school teacher I would definitely get my students blogging and connected with a reader to allow for better communication. I would also think with the staff blogging would be good for communication.

First Post – Edmodo and basic of Assignment 1

Hi everyone I’m Jess,

So last week I found Edmodo as a good tool to use in the classroom. I do think that it would be more useful for high school students then for primary students because there are more out of school work/assignments in high school. For the basic of the first assignment I think that I want to base it on communication of blogs. Particularly how the communication can enhance the children’s learning and how blogs can make communication easier. I want to look at the types of communication they can offer, how easy it is to communicate on the blogs, any disadvantages the blogs may create in communication and more. I do think that edmodo creates good communication for outside school. It would allow for easy communication if students get stuck on their homework or if students are on holiday or somethings and need to do their school work. Types of bullying that are found on facebook could possibly be an issue on edmodo but with careful use and monitoring by the teacher it could be prevented. There would need to be boundaries set for the use of Edmodo to ensure for a successful use. I would use Edmodo to put homework and for communication about the homeowork. I would also use it as a record of homework and other work students have done. I would ensure parents have access to their students Edmodo acounts so they can see what their students homework is and to ensure they are happy with the site.

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