I am yet to post about diigo. I thought I would try it out a bit before judging it. I think that it is very useful. It is a social book marking tool that allows people to highlight certain parts of websites. People can then put a sticky note on them. It makes finding resources easier and allows for easy access of those resources. I like how there is the option to keep things private or to share information. For school based purposes sharing information is a very useful tool of diigo and would allow the teacher to hint children onto good resources. It would save the teacher printing out a lot of documents all the time because instead the teacher could share them through diigo to all the students. It would stop the students from always loosing important documents because they can access them as many times as they like on diigo and can’t loose them. I think that the positives of diigo out way the negatives.

I would definately recommend using diigo because there are many benefits that can be gained from using it and it makes research and organisation of resources that much easier. It may take a little getting used too, like anything knew, but it would be worth the effort of exploring it.

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