First Post – Edmodo and basic of Assignment 1

Hi everyone I’m Jess,

So last week I found Edmodo as a good tool to use in the classroom. I do think that it would be more useful for high school students then for primary students because there are more out of school work/assignments in high school. For the basic of the first assignment I think that I want to base it on communication of blogs. Particularly how the communication can enhance the children’s learning and how blogs can make communication easier. I want to look at the types of communication they can offer, how easy it is to communicate on the blogs, any disadvantages the blogs may create in communication and more. I do think that edmodo creates good communication for outside school. It would allow for easy communication if students get stuck on their homework or if students are on holiday or somethings and need to do their school work. Types of bullying that are found on facebook could possibly be an issue on edmodo but with careful use and monitoring by the teacher it could be prevented. There would need to be boundaries set for the use of Edmodo to ensure for a successful use. I would use Edmodo to put homework and for communication about the homeowork. I would also use it as a record of homework and other work students have done. I would ensure parents have access to their students Edmodo acounts so they can see what their students homework is and to ensure they are happy with the site.

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